About Us

We have a story and a mission that matches up with the common man. Any "about us" wouldn't be complete without noting that we are regular guys. We love sports, we like to enjoy life, and we enjoy making bets on sports. That was us before we began this site and that continues to be our mantra today. The idea behind this website was opening up a place that caters to the person who is just like us. We want to share with our visitors and enjoy betting on games. We are guys who like to crack open a cold drink on the couch and flip back and forth from game to game. With a little bit of money on the line, that becomes even better. Our site seeks to provide this opportunity to our visitors. From football to basketball and everything in-between, the game is much better when there's something riding on the line.

The internet is changing and we are glad to be a part of that movement. For the longest time, the internet did not offer enough opportunities for sports bettors. There were not nearly enough communities for sports betting enthusiasts to share their passions. We started PYB for a simple reason. We wanted to offer a community feel for people who love to do these things. Whether you like to bet sports, talk about sports, or just keep up with the sports betting world, our site is made for you. And we've designed it to be fun, so people who love online gaming will find it an appropriate place to spend some time, as well.

Our favorite place in the world is Las Vegas. Spend a weekend there during March Madness or the Superbowl making NFL pool picks and you will know why we love the Vegas so much. We truly are those guys you might have met at the poker table or in the comfortable chairs at the sports book. We are right there with you, agonizing over that last minute drive that can make or break our day. Our goal in starting this site was to give people like you an opportunity to make something out of nothing. Turning Dingles into dollars was the goal and remains the goal. Our goal is to provide a place where every single person can get in on the fun. We think that we have done that with our site.

When you think about many of today's most popular websites, you probably think about big buildings and big business. You might think about a cold internet marketing company that just happened to decide that sports betting was a good keyword to focus on. Those site's aren't us and they aren't what we want. We are dudes, just like you and your buddies. We thought it would be fun to start a site, so we did it. If we can serve the people out there who share our passions, then everyone wins, right? That is our story at the core. It's simple and it strikes at the heart of what being a sports fan is all about. We sincerely hope that you'll find our site interesting and join us in the action. If you love NFL betting, college basketball betting, or anything else, then our site is your site for everything related to office football pools. If you're joining us for Dingles or you just want to be a part of a community, then we want to serve you.

From us to you, we offer a sincere thank you. We want to know what you think about our site and we want to constantly evolve to provide the best website possible. Always feel free to drop us a line with your thoughts. We are excited about where this site might go in the future and we are excited to have you as an important part of that future!