1. So what is this site all about?

Our site is about much more than just its moniker. We like the name, just as we are sure you will. But we have more to offer to our visitors than just that. NFLPoolPicks.net ( Powered by NFLPoolPicks ) allows you to make picks on all of the games. It allows you the opportunity to make money for free. On top of that, we have built this site as a community of sorts. You get together with people who share your passion for sports and for betting on sports. This is designed to be the full experience - a place where you can play in the casino, win Dingles through sports betting, and keep up with news on the industry, as well. We are confident that you will enjoy your time here.

2. How is NFLPoolPicks.net designed?

So we've got a great name and a nice idea, but how exactly does the thing work? Our system is designed to be just as easy as it sounds. In the beginning, you get one dollar in Dingles for free. That's on us, so you don't have to invest anything. You take your dollar in Dingles and try to build your balance. You can choose to bet on games or you can choose to play in the casino. Once you've had some success and you have some more Dingles in your account, then you can convert those Dingles into Club Cash. This allows you to get actual money out of the site.

3. How does the Club Cash conversion work?

The idea is to get $7.00 worth of Dingles. Once you reach that point, you can turn your Dingles into actual cash. The current conversion rate is one dollar in Club Cash for every three dollars you have in Dingles. So if you build that Dingle account up to $48, you can enjoy $16 in free money on us! When you finally get to $200 in Club Cash, you have the option of cashing out. We make it easy for you to take a risk-free investment and turn it into actual money. If you have what it takes, then you can earn cash quickly!

4. Is the Dingle conversion hard?

You don't have to be a genius to figure out the conversion process. After all, we can do it and we're not geniuses. You simply go to our Club Cash Out page. We have made the system very easy and you'll be walked right through it.

5. Will I go to jail?

You might be wondering if this site is legal. If you can pick your butt, then you can guess that we've done the homework on this. The site and its ideas are completely legal. Since you aren't using your own money, you're within the law by using this site. We like it because this is one place where you won't have to worry about getting in trouble over your sports bets.

6. How can this possibly work? Money without putting in anything?

Money without risk sounds too good to be true. But that is what our site is designed to do. We aren't looking to get your cash. We earn money through advertising and other means. We then share the wealth with you. It is a win-win situation in which every person shares a little bit in the return.

7. Do you have limits on your bets?

We don't cut you off too low. We allow Dingles bets at a $8 max. If you are betting individual games, you can grow that Dingle pile at ten bucks a pop. Parlays are capped at $5 Dingles, but with parlay payouts, you can really make money quickly.

8. How do we handle bet grading?

We do our best to get bets graded quickly. We wish we could do it faster, but we promise that we are working as hard as possible to get it done. Right now, it takes us about fifteen minutes to grade bets and award Dingles for winning bets.

9. What I want to delete my picks?

This is one area where our site is unique. Unlike other sites, we allow you to delete picks all the way up until kickoff or tipoff if you change your mind. We will put Dingles back into your account if you decide to drop a bet. Note that this does not apply to in-game bets and you are only allowed to delete picks that were made in the members area of the site.

10. Explain In-Game Betting to me

One of the cool features of this site is that we have interesting questions on a wide range of different things. From television shows to politics, we have these options and you can bet on the questions. They are usually only up for a short period of time, so you have to check often. When a new question appears on the site, you will see an indicator letting you know that there is a new question to answer. We want you to take advantage of this excellent resource.

11. Can I bet both Dingles and Club Cash on In-Game Bets?

We do allow you to use both forms of currency when answering the questions. We do impose limits on your Club Cash bets, though. You can only bet as much as $0.50 in Club Cash on every question.

12. Explain Games to me

We said that we don't just have traditional sports betting. We also have games, as these provide individuals with an excellent way to grow their cash pile. We don't have a maximum bet with these games, so you can make as many bets as you want for as much as you want. There is a Club Cash charge each game for each game, so you should check this before making the decision to play.

13. Explain the Rewards to me

Our specially designed " Rewards " is yet another place where you can earn both Club Cash and Dingles. When you complete an offer from certain merchants, you earn Dingles and Club Cash. Whether you are completing a survey or you are making a purchase, you will grow your balance and get closer to cashing out your balance.

14. Explain the Contests to me

We like to give you plenty of things to do. Contests are another example of that. They give you a chance to compete without site members for prizes. When you win, you get the spoils. This might mean prizes, Club Cash, or even Dingles.

15. What is the Lottery and how does it work?

This is one of the quickest, most fun games that we have on our site. You essentially pick a series of numbers and if they are selected, you win the prize. If you are feeling lucky, then you can win incredibly quickly.

16. What is the Guess & Win game?

This game is incredibly cool and it's easy to understand. You just pick a number within the range you are given. Pick the right number? That means you win. You get cash right in your account and you get closer to cashing out. This game is so simple that it will certainly become a favorite.

17. What is the Squares game?

This is similar to what happens with Superbowl pools. You just pick any square on a large board. When the game starts, your number will be shown. You want that number to match the score of the game. This is done for football games and for basketball games.

18. Participating in the Pick'em

We would like to think that this will become our most popular game. It is essentially a confidence pool for picking games. You pick all the games, then put the highest number of points on the game you are most confident in. You put the smallest number on the game you are least confident in. Add the numbers up and the person with the highest score wins.

19. What are trophies and how do I win them?

We give you an opportunity to earn trophies along the way. This is simple and there are lots of ways to get it done. Simply adding an avatar can get it done. Hitting a parlay can get it done. Every single trophy that you win earns you Club Cash, putting you right there at a cash out opportunity. This also gives you a great chance to gain status among other site members. An additional cool thing is that if you post your accomplishments to your Facebook Timeline, you earn Club Cash for that, too. We are always looking for ways to show how much we appreciate you.

20. I want to share my picks on Facebook. Is this possible?

This is absolutely possible at our site. We don't just let you do this, we encourage it! Every single time you post your picks onto Facebook, we will give you two cents in Dingles. That can really add up if you are making enough picks. Facebook is not the only site that we reward you for using, either. We want our site to grow, so we want you to spread it to your friends.

21. What about referring friends to this site?

We understand that you are an important part of the process. We want you to bring your friends to join in on the fun. We will even offer monetary incentives for you to do so. If you have a friend sign up through a referral link, then we will give you $0.25 and $0.05 in Club Cash. We know that the success of our site depends upon you and your friends! With that in mind, we beg you to invite more folks!

22. Is there any maximum to what I can win?

We have a maximum of $400 USD every year for every member. We hope you reach that goal!

23. What about these videos?

We agree that videos can get in the way, but we have bills to pay! We want to make sure that we can pay you when you win, so the videos are a part of that process. We want to keep this site free, so we use videos as one way of accomplishing that goal. We do promise to try and keep videos to a short length to make it as easy as possible on you.

24. Where will I have to navigate through videos?

You will see a video when you log in, before you do any sort of activity or game (once per day), After that, you are home free.

25. What are "Super Videos"?

This is another way to earn that cash. All you have to do is watch three videos and you will earn $0.03 in Dingles and $0.01 in Club Cash. It is really quite simple.

26.  How does the "Replenish Process " work?

The "Replenish Process" allows you to replenish your balance to $0.50 ( by watching a video ) or $6.00 ( by doing a survey, downloading a app etc ) once your Dingles balance falls below $0.25 Dingles & all your pending picks have been scored.

27.  What is Elite Access?

Elite Access allows you to cash out dollar for dollar when you reach the cash out threshhold. If you aren't a "Elite Access" member you cash out $0.50 cents on the dollar. These aren't the ONLY features either of becoming a "Elite Access" member click here to see ALL the great features.