1. What is ClubCash9?

PickYourButt.com is more than just a funny name. Though we get a kick out of the name, we want you to know that our site has some awesome features for you to check out. PickYourButt.com is a site where you can make sports picks and earn money without putting in a dime. It's a site where you can come together with a community of sports fans and sports bettors. We have put together a full-service site where you can play your favorite casino games, earn Dingles by betting on all of the major sports, and read about the latest in sports betting. We're sure that you'll enjoy it here!

2. How does ClubCash9 work?

You might be wondering just how this thing works. The name says it all, right? You just pick your butt and the Dingles will come! Though that might be easier, it's not accurate. The system is pretty easy, though. We give you $1.00 in free Dingles to start and you can play with them as you wish. You make sports bets with those Dingles and grow your account balance as much as possible. We also give you the ability to earn Dingles playing our games. When you've accumulated enough Dingles, you can convert them into Club Cash. 

3. How do I convert my Dingles into Club Cash?  

Once you earn $7.00 in Dingles, you can convert those Dingles into Club Cash. As of now, $4.00 in Dingles will be worth $1.00 in Club Cash. You can convert your Dingles to Club Cash as often as you want once you hit the minimum threshhold. The goal is to earn $200.00 in Club Cash, at which time you can cash out for actual money. When you get ready, we make it easy to turn your Dingles into Club Cash and eventually into money in your hands!

4. Where do I convert my Dingles into Club Cash?

The Club Cash Out/Conversion page. It is super easy as we walk you right through it.

5. Is this really legal?

You can bet that we've done our research and that ClubCash9 is completely legal. After all, do you think we want to go to jail? Since you get to place bets without putting up your own money, no laws are broken. This is one place where you can rest easy that your bets are not being scrutinized!

6. Can I really make money without risking any? How is that possible?

Of course you can make money without taking on any risk! That's why ClubCash9 is all about. We didn't start this website to get any of your money. We make our money off of advertising and we pass that cash on to you! The concept is simple and it works.

7. Is there any limit to what I can bet?

We want you to make some big bets here, which is why we have a $8 Dingles maximum for individual game bets. Parlay bets are capped at $5, so you can multiply your money!

8. How quick do my bets get scored?

We are trying to get them scored as quick as possible, but the answer is still not fast enough. We know you want your Dingles I mean who wouldn't right? It is a priority for us but right now there is about a 15 minute delay.

9. Can I delete my picks after I have made them?

Yes, we know sometimes you change your mind or find a better line or just run out of Dingles which is perfectly alright. We will return your Dingles to your account balance all the way up to game time. ( In-Game Betting we don't allow to be deleted. ) Please note :  you can ONLY delete make picks in the members area.

10. How does In-Game Betting work?

Each day we have questions on everything from American Idol to who will win the next election. You can bet each one of the questions once. Please make sure to check the timer on each question as they are only available for certain time period. Some question may only be available for minute so check back often. Also each time a new question is up you will see a ClubCash9 Guy flashing on your screen letting you know there is a new question.

11. You can bet Dingles & Club Cash In-Game Betting ?

Yes, we do allow you to grow your Dingles & Club Cash balance with In-Game Betting. The best way to find questions for Club Cash and Dingles is to look for icon. Please note : We only allow you to bet up to $0.50 Club Cash per question on Club Cash questions. 

12.  How does ClubCash9 Games work?

ClubCash9 games is great way to grow your Dingles balance, maybe the BEST WAY. Best of all there is no maximum bet. You can bet as much as you want as often as you want on ClubCash9 Games. Each ClubCash9 game does cost Club Cash to play. You are charged this once a day for each game to play. Please look on each game for the desired amount of Club Cash.

13. How does the ClubCash9 Rewards work ?

ClubCash9 Rewards helps you earn Dingles & Club Cash for each completed offer from selected merchants. Completing offers like free surveys and purchasing products of your choice or even watching a video. You will find the ClubCash9 Rewards is a great place to increase your balance and earn that big Club Cash out.

14. How does the ClubCash9 Contests work?

ClubCash9 contests are a ton of fun and can give you bragging rights among other ClubCash9 members. Best of all if you win or like I say [when I win] you collect a reward. Rewards range from Club Cash to Dingles to prizes. 

15. How does the ClubCash9 Lottery work?

ClubCash9 Lottery is a quick fun game that you can play and earn Dingles & Club Cash. The basics of the ClubCash9 Lottery are the same as any lottery, pick numbers and if your numbers are selected you win.....pretty simple right? Once you win the lottery reward is automatically added into your account. 

16. How does the Guess & Win game work?

The Guess & Win game is super cool & super easy. Select a number in the given range and if you select the correct number you win. The Guess & Win is a easy game that allows you to earn Dingles & Club Cash quick & easy. Once you get that first correct winner you will be hooked.

17. How does the ClubCash9 Squares game work?

Choose a square on the board & as soon as the game is started your number is revealed. If your number matches the correct score/number you win. We provide squares for football & basketball only. 

18. How does the ClubCash9 Pick'em game work?

This is going to be a fan favorite around here or atleast we think so. The highest number goes on your MOST confident pick & lowest number goes on your LEAST confident pick. Example : So if there are 16 games 16 would be on your most confident & 1 on the least confident. Numbers are added up on winning selections. 

19. How do I gain trophies?

You can gain trophies by doing things as simple as adding a avatar, all the way up to hitting 12 team parlay. Each trophy has a Club Cash value and inches you closer & closer to earning the big payout.The best thing about the trophies though is bragging rights amongest other ClubCash9 members. One other cool thing about trophies is each time you post them on your Facebook Wall you earn $0.01 Club Cash. Just another way we say thanks here at ClubCash9. 

20. Can I post my picks on Facebook?

Absolutely you can! Not only do we allow you, we pay you for it! Post your make picks, parlays, In-game betting and contest picks and we will pay you $0.01 Dingles everytime. Not only do we pay you for Facebook but we also pay you for many other social networks. Spread the good word about ClubCash9 lets make this the best & most visited site ever.

21. Can I refer my friends to ClubCash9?

Absolutely you can! We need your help and we aren't afraid to ask for it and better yet we will pay you for it! For each friend you refer to ClubCash9 through your referral link we will give $0.25 & $0.05 Club Cash. Basically with out you the members referring your friends this site will not and cannot be sucessful. So please we are bagging you refer your friends.   

22.  Is there a maximum on how much real cash we can win? 

Yes, We only allow up to $400.00 USD per year, per member.

23.  BTW- Why are there so many damn videos??? 

Hey, I know they can be annoying but without videos we cant pay the bills and we sure can't pay out the winners. This is a free site and big part of how we keep it that way is through videos & advertising. We try to keep them to 30 seconds and below as far length goes so it isn't to distracting to the ClubCash9 members.

24.  How do the videos work?

Once you login you will see a video, this happens 1 time daily.

25.  How do "Super Videos" videos work?

Super videos is a slick & easy way to earn $0.03 Dingles & $0.02 Club Cash. Watch 3 videos (1 time daily) it is as as easy as that!

26.  How does the "Replenish Process " work?

The "Replenish Process" allows you to replenish your balance to $0.50 ( by watching a video ) or $6.00 ( by doing a survey, downloading a app etc ) once your Dingles balance falls below $0.25 Dingles & all your pending picks have been scored.

27.  What is Elite Access?

Elite Access allows you to cash out dollar for dollar when you reach the cash out threshhold. If you aren't a "Elite Access" member you cash out $0.50 cents on the dollar. These aren't the ONLY features either of becoming a "Elite Access" member click here to see ALL the great features.