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This holiday season, you will probably be asked to make football pool picks. This is something that most people participate in over the course of December and January, so you need to be prepared when you are called on. The problem for most people is that they don’t put enough time into their football pool picks. Whether you are making free football pool picks or you are participating in some more advanced football pools, it pays to put in the time and effort. With proper preparation, you can get out ahead of your competition and stand a chance of winning the pool.

So what kind of pool are you in?

Before you make football pool picks, you need to recognize what kind of pool you are in. All pools bring about differences. If you are in a college bowl pool, then you will need to recognize the differences in the college game and the pro game. If you are involved in an against the spread pool, then you will play it much differently than if you were in a straight-up pool. The sooner you recognize these things, the better off you will be. There are different ways to play these pools for people who want to win the big money at the end.

Picking against the spread

If you are making football pool picks against the spread, then you need to do a little bit more analysis. You will want to analyze these games just as you would any game that you are going to bet on. The line is important and the line movement is important. Likewise, football pool picks will want to take into account the matchups.

If you are working with college bowl games, then you will have to analyze how different teams match up with one another. If you are doing an NFL pool, then you will have to worry less about motivation than you would with the college football games. Against the spread bowl pools are more difficult, but you don’t have to win as many games in order to be competitive.

Picking games straight-up

With some of your free football pool picks, you will need to take a hard look at who is going to win the game. When this is the case, you do not need to get cute. Too many people start picking ten and fourteen point underdogs to win their games outright. Though it is possible that this might happen, you are putting yourself behind the 8-ball in this kind of situation. You want to use the spread as a proxy to help you make the picks.

If you start picking too many big underdogs, you are going to fall behind the rest of the field if those games lose. It is too big of a risk to take, so make sure that you are smart about checking the spread before you make any sort of straight up pick in any holiday football pool this year.

Football Pools & Free Football Pools

Football pools can be a lot of fun. If you want to participate in a football pool, though, you need to recognize what it is going to take to win. Free football pools and paid football pools are both worth playing in, but you should play to win. Too many people engage in pools without any expectation of winning. They think that they will need to get “lucky” in order to win their football pools.

At the end of the day, you can win the football pool if you know what you are doing. So how do you win? What strategies can help you take down the pool this holiday season?

The underdogs approach

If you are in a football pool that requires you to make picks against the spread, then you might go with the underdog approach. Some people just don’t want to handicap every single matchup, so they look for some way to ensure that they get the most picks right. The underdog approach is not a bad one, especially when compared to other methods.

Underdogs do especially well in bowl games before New Year’s Day. Likewise, underdogs do pretty well in the NFL, as well. If you are going to choose one class of teams, then underdogs are a good one.

The benefit of multiple entries

Especially if you are in free football pools, it can be helpful to have more than one entry. When does it make sense to have more than one entry? How about when there are multiple games that you just can’t get a handle on. You know the type of game that I am talking about an all of your football pools will have them. These are games where the spread is tight and you just don’t have a take on the game.

The best approach, then, is to have multiple entries. This will allow you to take both sides of a tough game and still leave yourself in good position to win your pool.

How random are football pools?

There is a bad rumor going around that says people have no control over winning their free football pools. Some people believe that it is all luck. Random chance will take over and anybody can win. Though it is true that luck will play a part in who wins the pool, it is false to say that winning is outside of your control.

People who understand the matchups have a much better chance of winning their bowl pools. You will want to familiarize yourself with the teams and with the matchups if you want to end up with the best result. Don’t buy into the hype about randomness. Take things seriously and you can put yourself ahead of the curve with football pools.

Ultimately winning in your football pool is about how much you know and how quickly you can analyze the different matchups. Whether you are in a straight up pool or you are in an against the spread pool, a solid understanding of all of the factors in play will give you a great chance to come out ahead at the end of the day.

Football Pool Picks & Free Football Pools Picks

So you are going to enter into your holiday football pool. This is all well and good, but where do you turn from here? What things can you do to make sure that you entry into the pool is not a wasted one? There are lots of ways that you can handicap games on your own. For most people who enter into football pools, there is already a great handicapping system in place. For others, though, football office pools are the only time they try to pick the games. For these people, it is important to recognize where there are some resources that can make picks more effective.

Getting free football pools picks online

Know that the internet is a crazy resource with a lot of information for people in your situation. If you are looking to enter into a bowl pool, then you need to know about all of the people who will hand out predictions. Some will do so through blogs. Some will do so through an official website. Others will do so on internet forums where they track their records. If you are looking for free football pools picks, then using the internet is the best choice you can make. The best idea, though, is to only follow people who can provide solid reasoning for why they made a pick. Otherwise, you are just walking blindly.

Listening to the talking heads and their football pool picks

Another option when looking for football pool picks is to listen to the talking heads on the most important sports networks. Networks like ESPN will put out their predictions both online and on their television shows. You can read what they have to say, as this might help you come up with your own picks.

You can also listen to the preview shows that will run throughout the holidays. When you do this, you can familiarize yourself with the teams and with the matchups in each game. From there, picking the games becomes much easier. The best thing about this is that you will be getting free football pools picks from these so-called experts.

Should you follow or make your own football pools picks?

This is a debate that rages on throughout the football season. Some people feel more comfortable when they follow a person or a handicapping service that has a good reputation. Other people feel as if they have the talent to do it on their own. It really depends upon your skill level, your level of experience, and how much you know about the matchups in question.

If you have good information and good experience, you can make solid picks on your own. Most people don’t have the skills to do that, though. For these people, it might make sense to follow the free football pools picks that other individuals post or talk about.

Office Football Pools & Free Office Football Pools

For people who are going to participate in office football pools this year, there are some things you need to know. There are some strategies for winning free office football pools that can help you take down your pool and win the big prize. Winning free office football pools can only happen when you have a strong understanding of football betting and when you have some fundamentals of game theory down. Office football pools are unique in this regard, so you must try to understand them before you throw your money down the drain.

Understanding game theory

With office football pools, you might be tempted to take a chance on some game. You might want to take a flier on an underdog that you are sure is going to pull the upset. The key is to know that this could cost you in a big way. When you go off the wagon and pick a game that most people are not picking, you open yourself up to too much risk. If you happen to miss on that game, you will essentially lose a game to the entire field. It can be almost impossible to overcome this in a number of free office football pools.

The other option, of course, is to go with the flow on these “obvious” games. You won’t be able to get a leg up on the competition, but you will remove the risk. Know that there are lots of other games where you can make your mark and take down the other people in your office football pools.

The moment you recognize this is the moment that you will have more success. It can be very difficult to win when you give away games by trying to get too cute with big time underdogs that do not stand a very good chance of winning their respective games.

Using the betting lines to benefit you in office football pools

If you are in a typical pool, then you only have to pick the winners without any spreads. Even though the spread is not essential to your pick, you need to use it to help your cause. Check out what the spread is and then use that information to shape your straight up pick. You need to also see what the lines are doing.

If a line is moving a certain way, then you can sometimes use that information to determine which team is going to come out on top. For instance, if a team started as a three point favorite but the line has since shifted down to 2.5 points, then it might be an indication that the underdog is the right play.

Truly the only way to win office football pools is to have a special understanding of everything that is going on. This means understanding the game theory behind making picks and it means understand the betting lines, too. Remember this as you make your picks in your free office football pools this holiday season.

Office Pool Picks & Free Office Pool Picks

When you make your office pool picks or your free office pool picks this year, there is one word that should mean more to you than anything else. What is that word? It is information. The key to winning any office pool is to have the most current information on the games, the players, and how those things will interact. This is especially true when your office pool picks will be on the college bowl games.

A lot of people make free office pool picks on the bowls, but they need to understand the implications and the importance of having the proper information.

Suspensions are a part of it

One of the biggest issues with making office pool picks on the college game is that you often have to submit them weeks before the game is played. A lot of things can happen during that time period. A player could get hurt at practice. More pressing is the fact that players can be suspended for a host of things over that time.

The most common suspensions are for academics. Because grades come out before the bowls, players can often be ineligible for the bowl games. So how do you find this information out before you make your office pool picks?

One thing that you can do is consider the information found on internet message boards. Message boards are notoriously bad at providing information on many issues, but there are some times when this is your only and best option.

Certain posters will have good information on the players and their status. Keep in mind this information and factor it in as you handicap the games. You want to be sure not to give this too much credence, but you should keep it in mind. This is especially true when a key player is involved.

How do teams respond to time off?

Another thing to know as you make your office pool picks is how a team handles a lot of time off. When teams get time off, there are lots of distractions. Some teams don’t come back these breaks very effectively. It is your job to know about these teams and take it into account as you choose the games. You can look at past history to determine whether there is some trend with some team. At the end of the day, the more information you have on the point, the better off you will be.

Making office pool picks can seem like a difficult task, but you have to approach the picks with your eye on the prize. Look at each individual matchup and handicap the games from there. You will not be perfect, but you probably won’t have to be in order to win the pools. You just have to handicap each matchup and give each game the right amount of attention.

This will put you ahead of the majority of people who will enter the pool, as they will just make picks by looking at the teams and deciding, off the cuff, who they think is the better play.

NFL Confidence Pools

So you are wondering what it takes to win at your NFL confidence pools? This is a fair question, to be sure, as NFL confidence pools are tough to figure for most people. If you know what you are doing, though, then you can make a little bit of money this holiday season with your NFL confidence pools.

Know that these pools are much different than a typical pool. There is no one for one quotient in these pools. You have to do more than just pick the games. You have to also assign a confidence point number to each of your picks. So what are some good ways to be sure that you’re on top of things in your NFL confidence pools?

The spread doesn’t lie

If you have been betting on football for a while, then you know that NFL point spreads are usually pretty tight. They can give you a good idea of who is going to win the game. This is especially true as the spread rises. It is very rare for an NFL team that is favored by two touchdowns to lose the game outright. So what can this tell you about how to handle your NFL confidence pools? It can tell you, first and foremost, that perhaps it is best to use the spread as an indicator of how confident you should be. Those games where the favorite is laying double digits are good chances to use many confidence points.

Using your resources properly

It should be obvious that in NFL confidence pools, the winner will usually win his most confident games. If he does not win those games, then he will have to be nearly perfect throughout the rest of the pool to have a chance. With this in mind, you need to spend more time on the big confidence games. You need to be absolutely sure of these games, since they will determine whether or not you have a chance. For people who don’t have a ton of time to do their NFL confidence pools this holiday season, it pays to spend the bulk of your handicapping time on the biggest games for you.

If you are going to win at your NFL confidence pools, you will need a wide range of skills. You need to understand game theory and how to appropriately put the right confidence on each team. You also need to be able to handicap the games generally. If you can do both of these things, then there is no reason why you can’t win your pool. Using the help of a person who knows what he is doing is never a bad idea, either, so keep that option in mind as you fill out your sheets.

NFL Confidence Picks & NFL Confidence Pool Picks

So your goal is to make NFL confidence picks. Making NFL confidence pool picks is somewhat different than making straight up picks with no confidence element. The confidence element makes things more complicated and it brings into play some game theory. Instead of just picking the games, you actually have to have some way of knowing which games you like the best. For professional handicappers, making NFL confidence picks is not all that difficult. For people who are not used to this idea, then making NFL confidence pool picks can seem like the hardest thing to do.

Using spreads as a proxy for making NFL confidence pool picks
If you are going to make NFL confidence picks, then you might want to have some sort of foundation for your confidence. One of the best ways is by using the spreads. NFL spreads are normally air tight. The books are very good at putting out numbers, so the games will typically go as planned. With this in mind, you might look at the biggest spreads and assign your confidence picks based upon that. The more a team is favored by, the more likely they are to win the game straight up. This is a good way to help yourself make picks in any office pool.

This is not to say that the teams that are favored will always win. Much to the contrary, lots of underdogs make their mark in any given year. If you are going to make NFL confidence picks, then this can be a guide, but it can’t be your absolute. You have to have some of your own thoughts on games if you want to gain an edge on the crowd. Maybe there is an underdog that you have a good feeling on. Maybe you have some statistics that indicate a contrary result. Using the spreads as a proxy, but you don’t have to follow them with such exactness.

Understanding home field advantage

With NFL confidence picks, you want to minimize risk as much as you possibly can. If you have too much risk out there, then you can sink your pool picks right away without ever giving yourself a chance. So what is a good way to eliminate your risk? One way is by picking teams that are at home. Home field advantage, especially in the NFL, can be a very big deal. Home teams tend to play to their skill levels more often. This means that you won’t end up with a team that lays down if you play a majority of home teams.

Ultimately making NFL confidence pool picks might seem tough, but it is really quite easy. For people who are willing to assess each matchup, use the spreads for a confidence proxy, and play on home teams for big time confidence points, it can be much easier to claim the big prize in your pool. When you enter a pool of this kind, you need to take a winning mindset to the table. Use these strategies and you will be much better off.

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