Different Types Of Sports Betting

Types Of Sports Betting

The world of sports betting continues to grow as legalized sports betting continues to grow around the United States. Once centralized to only Nevada, the availability to bet limited sports bettors to traveling to Sin City or turning to a bookie to make daily, weekly and yearly sports bets.  Now with the expansion of 12 additional states that currently have sports betting and seven additional on the way, the growth of sports gambling with continue to the grow.

Now if your new to sports gambling, there is a ton of information you need to know including what sports you might want to bet on, what type of sports bets are available and the vocabulary that you might hear with sports gambling. While this is a quick guide to betting on sports, this will only be the beginning of your introduction into learning sports gambling. With that said let’s take a quick look at the sports you can bet on, sports betting vocabulary and betting types as well as some tips to remember when placing a sports bet.

Types of Sports You Can Bet On

Sports gambling is wide open when it comes to the type of sports you can bet on. The list of sports includes all five of the major sports industries in the United States (NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and WNBA). In addition, sports betting on college football and basketball is extremely popular in the United States. Additional sports you can bet on include soccer, international basketball, cricket, mixing martial arts (MMA), boxing and auto racing to name many. One of the most popular betting events is the NFL Super Bowl. According to statistics, approximately 23 million Americans will bet on the Super Bowl with total bets reaching nearly $6 billion dollars.

Sports Betting Vocabulary

Point Spread or Betting Line – This term is used in head to head matchup to determine who the favorite to win based on the odds is. For example New England Patriots (-3.5) vs Baltimore Ravens (+3.5). The -3.5 means that when taking the Patriots you will need the Patriots to win by four or more points for the sports bettor to win the bet. The +3.5 means that when taking the Ravens they can lose by three in the outcome of the game but the sports bettor would win the bet.

Against the Spread (ATS) – The term Against the Spread might be one of the most used words in sports gambling. The term is used when referencing how an individual/team has performed against the betting line or point spread of a matchup. For example, if a club is 8-2 against the spread that means they have covered the point spread in eight of their last ten matchups.

Bankroll – This might be a term you will hear in reference to sports betting or daily fantasy sports. Your bank roll is the amount of money you have available to bet on sports. Your bank roll is very similar to your own personal checking account. If you decide to put $500 in your sports betting bank roll, that is your bank roll.

Run Line – A term used in baseball in reference to the runs scored in the contest. For example, the New York Yankees +6 means the Yankees would need to win by seven runs for sports bettors to win the outcome of the bet.
Puck Line – A term used in hockey in reference to goals scored in the contest.

Prop Bet – A type of wager that is placed on a specific event of a sporting event. This could include the total home runs hit in a baseball game by a specific team, the amount of rushing yards a team might rush for in a game or a total of points a specific player might score in a basketball game. These are just a few of the many types of prop bets available.

Over/Under or Total Point Line – This term is used for specific bet on the outcome of how many points, runs, goals scored of a matchup. For example in basketball you might see a Over/Under line of 205 points for the matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers. If you select the over in this matchup the total points between the two clubs would have to be 206 to win while a bet on the under would require the two teams to score 204 total points.

First Half or Second Half Bet – This term is used for sports betting picks placed on a specific half of a sporting event. For example an NFL pick could be made for the Los Angeles Rams to outscore the Los Angeles Chargers in the first half of an NFL contest or an NBA pick could be made for the Golden State Warriors to outscore the Toronto Raptors in the second half of an NBA contest. This is just another type of bet that could be made in addition to betting on the overall game.

Parlay Bet – A parlay bet is when a sports bettor elects to bet on multiple outcomes of multiple games over the course of a specific time frame. In order for the sports bettor to win, the sports bettor must select all outcomes correctly. These types of bets are more difficult to win due to requiring multiple correct bets. However, these types of bets result in higher profits as one bet rolls over to the next outcome.

Push – When the outcome results in neither a win nor loss. For example if you select the New York Giants at +3 and they win 27-24. Despite the Giants winning the contest, they failed to cover the spread.

Straight Bet – A bet on a specific team to win outright with no point spread. For example, the Giants won 27-24, if a bet was placed on the Giants it would result in winning the bet.

Sports Betting Tips & Advice

Don’t Bet With Your Heart, bet with your Head – When placing sports bets avoid placing bets on teams/players you might like or even love. In some instances, your favoritism towards the team or player might cloud your view of the outcome. This may also limit you from looking at the trends or statistics leading into the matchup.

Research, Research and More Research – It doesn’t matter if you’re playing daily fantasy sports or betting on sports, you must put in the time to do your research before making your picks/bets. For example if you are looking to bet on a specific NFL matchup you will want to look at both teams to see how they are performing overall, the style of play of both teams offenses and defenses, the injury report for the matchup and the weather. If you see that you have a team that is struggling to stop opposing teams from running the ball and they are going up against a team that has a great running back that might help you make your sports pick. If you see it might be bad weather such as rain or snow you might decide not to bet on the matchup.

Don’t Let Your Losses Change the Way You Bet – No one can predict the outcome of every outcome of every event, so when you make a pick and lose, don’t let it get to you. Shrug off the loss and turn your attention and research to your next sports pick. If you can’t shrug off the loss, sports betting might not be for you as it might lead to you making a bet you don’t like in hopes of making up for the loss.

Bet on the Sports You Know – When placing bets stay course to the sports you know and understand. If you don’t understand what is going on or how a team might perform, will limit how you predict the outcome and limit how you research the matchup. If you are just starting out stick with just one sport till you have figured out how to do your research and how you need to bet to make money. Once you are successful, turn to another sport you know and understand.

Never Bet to Just Bet – While you may win just electing to bet on a team that has been doing well or because the trends seem to point to them, the overall end result of this tends to lean to you losing more than you might win. Always take the time to do the research and make your NFL Pick or MLB Pick or whatever Sports Pick you might make based on what you have learned.

Play Cautious with Your Bankroll – Bankroll might vary from sports bettor to sports bettor. However, being cautious and playing a specific amount daily is key to any sports bettor. For example if you have $100 in your bankroll, you will want to play between 3-5 percent daily to allow you spread your bets across a longer period of time where as someone who might have $1000 might play between 5-7 percent daily. Nonetheless, be cautious with how much you bet daily and play consistent daily never allowing your outcome of contests determine you to spend more money daily.

Lastly, Best of luck with your next sports betting picks.

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