Top Sports Handicapper

Top Sports Handicapper

As the sports betting industry continues to grow throughout the United States, more and more sports handicappers are starting to emerge as well. Sports handicappers are someone that helps give guidance and picks to sports bettors, and it has become a competitive industry.

My name is Wunderdog, and I am one of the sports handicappers that I just discussed. I like to consider myself the top sports handicapper as I have spent almost two decades in the industry.

This is not an easy business, but I take pride in my work and always do my best to help my customers succeed in the sports betting industry. There are certainly some other good sports handicappers out there, but only one can be considered the best.

What Makes Me the Top Sports Handicapper?

You are probably wondering what makes me the top sports handicapper, and that’s a fair question to ask. Fortunately for you, I am able to provide examples of why I am at the top of the list and why you should trust me with your sports handicapping needs. 

Like I said, this is not the easiest business in the world, but here are some factors that prove why I am the top sports handicapper in the industry:

Years of Practice

I already mentioned that I have spent almost 20 years as a sports handicapper, and that has given me plenty of time to practice my craft and hone my skills. The old adage says that “Practice makes perfect,” and I believe that is why I am the top sports handicapper.

Other handicappers are just getting started in this business, and they have not had the time to hone their skills as I have. I’m not guaranteeing that all of my picks will always be “perfect,” but I do believe that they will be much better than some of my competitors. 

Daily Picks

Sports betting is a year-round experience, and that is why it is important to deliver picks each day. I don’t take any days off as there are always sporting events taking place in some parts of the world.

This doesn’t mean that I will always deliver a large number of picks each day, but I do believe that my customers deserve something each day. If I am going to continue to claim to be the top sports handicapper, then I can’t afford to take any days off. 

Extensive Research

Another thing that makes me the top sports handicapper is the amount of research that I do each day. This is my job, and I take this very seriously.

The main reason that most people aren’t successful in the sports betting industry is that they are unwilling to do the research that it takes to be successful. That’s not the case with me, as I go above and beyond when trying to find all of the important information. 

Success Rate

My rate of success is easily accessible as it is posted on my website for anyone to see. I want customers to see just how successful I have been in this industry, even if, on some days, not all of my picks hit.

All of the numbers are there for my customers to see, and those numbers are never messed with. You won’t see a 100 percent success rate in any sport, but I believe that you will be happy to see just how successful I have been.

If you find a sports handicapper that is unwilling to show their success rate, then that probably means it is not good. I have been extremely successful in this industry, and my success rate speaks for itself. 

Explanation of Picks

Along with providing picks each day, I also provide an explanation of those picks to my customers. It’s important that customers know how or why I came to those conclusions, and it helps build up trust with the bettors.

Some handicappers will just send out a list of free picks each day, but that is simply taking the easy way out. I believe that the bettors deserve to know why I am making a pick and why I feel so strongly about it.

Sure, this might take some extra time on my end, but it is one of the reasons that I am the top sports handicapper. 

Variety of Sports/Bets

Another thing that makes me the top sports handicapper is that I offer a variety of sports and betting types in my picks. I have added new sports to my repertoire over my 20 years in the business, and I am always looking to expand even further. 

This allows me to reach more customers, as each bettor is unique. I can provide picks on a wide range of sporting events, and I even offer picks on some of the obscure sporting events.

Also, everyone knows about the most common betting types out there, but that can get a little boring at times. I will certainly provide those betting picks, but I am always looking to spice things up and offer obscure betting picks as well.

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